If worry has become a habit for you, then you're living your life in a whole lot of pain. Wouldn't it be great to get some of that stress and anxiety off your shoulders?

This free seven-day online mini-course from Believe and Create will teach you how to reduce worry and stress in your life.  The lessons are simple, informative, and  could help you transform your life.  

It's time to experience less stress, fewer worries, and claim the happy life you deserve.  The lessons, affirmations, and exercises in this course will help you do just that. 


Course Curriculum

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    Instructions for this course

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    Let's get started!

    • Lesson One: Be Willing to Release Your Worry Habit

    • Lesson Two: Dwell on Thoughts that Serve You Best

    • Lesson Three: Use Your Imagination Wisely

    • Lesson Four: Get Ready to Enjoy Your Life More Fully

    • Lesson Five: You Are Stronger Than You Think

    • Lesson Six: When Stress, Worry, or Anxiety Threaten Your Peace, Focus on Your Breath

    • Lesson Seven: Worries Are Just Ugly and Usually Untrue Stories I'm Telling Myself

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The course is absolutely free, and all you have to lose is your worries and a lot of stress.

About the instructor

Founder, Believe And Create

J. Marie Novak

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